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Arizona treatment centers is an online directory of substance abuse treatment centers, located in Arizona. We have sorted the treatment centers by city, addiction type, payment type, and services offered. We pride ourselves in connecting people with the best treatment program for you or your loved one. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem, please don't hesitate to contact any of these facilities through our directory.

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Arizona Drug Treatment Centers

Arizona is known for its desert climate with hot summers and mild winters. Arizona is one of the largest states in terms of area and has many diverse topographical characteristics. Half of the state is made up of mountains and plateaus and includes the breathtaking Grand Canyon carved out by the Colorado River. Arizona is also home to the Barringer Meteorite Crater, which is a hole nearly a mile wide created by a meteorite that hit Earth over 50,000 year ago.

In addition to its notable topographical characteristics, Arizona's capital city of Phoenix is the fifth most populated city in the United States. This city represents a main transportation, financial, cultural and economic center for the southwester United States. Phoenix currently houses seven Fortune 1000 companies and has grown from a farming town to an urban hub and tourist hot spot. Phoenix is also one of the only cities in the country that hosts the Major League Baseball spring training in May. Arizona's beautiful and unique landscaping in addition to Phoenix's unique events and large urban population attracts many people throughout the US to this state.

Unfortunately, Phoenix's large population and location near Mexico makes it a target for drug smuggling operations and distribution. Because of Arizona's mountainous terrain, many areas are not regularly patrolled for drug smugglers crossing the border. Phoenix, in particular, is a major transshipment point for cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and a variety of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs. Drug trafficking organizations bring in drugs through commercial trucks, animal caravans and backpackers in areas where there is not sufficient drug patrol. Arizona is the greatest area for heroin availability. In addition, two types of methamphetamine, Mexican-produced and locally produced, are available throughout Arizona. This state is also notorious for pharmaceutical drug abuse with drugs such as Percocet, Vicodin and OxyContin. These types of drug abuses often lead to an increase in thefts from pharmacies and forged prescriptions. Drug trafficking and distribution is a big problem for Arizona given its proximity to Mexico and limited drug patrol due to the mountainous terrain.

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